DJ First Rate - Part 1
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US3  _DJ First Rate - Part 1
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Live concert at the Bravo Caffè, Italy - October 2011

The London-based band Us3, who was among the pioneers of the fusion of hip-hop and jazz, exploded in the golden years of acid-jazz, with two and a half million copies sold. With their debut album Us3 were among the first to literally shake the dancefloor so that after almost twenty years, songs like "The Band Played the Boogie" and "Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)" are still raging over most of the radios in the world.

Geoff Wilkinson: beats
Bryan Corbett: trumpet
Brandon Allen: sax
Mike Gorman: keys
Chris Dodd: bass
Dj First Rate: turntables
Akil Dasen: rap
Oveus Maximus: rap.