Mop Mop - Run Around
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Fred Wesley  _Mop Mop - Run Around
Recording session of Mop Mop "Run Around" - Berlin, Tempelton Studio, June 2011

Soundchess have the honor to present a summary docu-live video during the recording session of Mop Mop "Run Around" with the incredible featuring funk legend Fred Wesley shot in Berlin back in 2011.
Fred Wesley is the trombonist, composer, arranger, bandleader and author known worldwide as one of the architects of funk music. Fred's work with Godfather of Soul James Brown in the 1970s established him as the world's funkiest trombone player.
The song "Run Around" also feat. poet/singer Anthony Joseph (who we already know) is part of the new album "Isle of Magic" released this month by Agogo records, Germany.
Anyone familiar with Mop Mop will already know that their refined style has already lend them a unique place somewhere between the worlds of jazz, funk, latin and the Italian Postmodern style allowed the band to reach the International film business as part of Woody Allen's 'To Rome With Love' movie soundtrack. Mop Mop's fourth studio album has come together over the course of a couple of years where producer Andrea Benini has been searching for new directions with the band.