'Cause We Know Carcarà
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The Gentlemen's Agreement  _'Cause We Know Carcarà
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Recorded on August 2011, San Felice Circeo, Italy During the Exotique Festival.

Gentlemen's Agreement travel far from their cities, to land in exotic and unexplored territories. Ukulele in hand, with the addition of acoustic chitarrine, trumpets, harmonicas, and triangles, five Neapolitan artists veer between samba, swing and folk-pop. Raffaele Giglio, author of the songs, and friends - the band likes to describe themselves as "peasants" - come directly from the outskirts of Naples. The musical tradition is evident, but the Italian Mediterranean component of the training is never made explicit trivially: the mandolin for example, is not used in the typical Neapolitan way but is mixed with other instruments belonging to the gypsy culture, giving unprecedented results, lying on a carpet of carefree and varied rhythm.

Raffaele Giglio: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Tres Cubano, Mandolin;
Fabio Renzullo: Trumpet, Harmonica, Toy Piano, Chorus;
Gomez: Double Bass;
Andrea De Fazio: Drums
Gibbone: Surdo, Agogo, Caixa Tamborim, pandeiro, triangle, Wahtube, Glockenspiel, Mandolin, Backing Vocals.