Mediterranean Blues
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Baba Sissoko Mediterranean Blues  _Mediterranean Blues
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Live at Vibra Club, Modena Italy - April 2017

Born in Bamako Baba Sissoko is from a great and ancient dynasty of griots from Mali.
In the Baba compositions there is a great influence of Amadran, that is a repetitive and hypnotic musical structure typical from Mali by which, according to many researchers, blues was born
His style is peculiar: Baba loves to integrate melodies and rhythms of the Malian tradition (Bambara, Peul, Mandig e Sonrai) with the typical sounds of jazz and blues, creating fantastic musical effects. This also thanks to the numerous experiences with other musicians belonging to cultures and roots completely different from his background. His ability to play a wide range of musical instruments and his extreme sensitivity to other musical genders and expressions, brought him to cooperate with many fine musicians.

Baba Sissoko: Vocal, Ngoni, Tama, Timbales
Kalifa Kone: Drum
Erick Jano: Electric Bass
Alessandro de Marino: Clarinet, Keyboard
Angelo Napoli: Electric Guitar