Castles made of sand
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Momo Said & The Shockolates  _Castles made of sand
Filmed in Essaouira, Morocco, at Jimi Hendrix Cafè - May 2015

According to legend, one September afternoon drenched in the kind of intense sunlight few places in the world can offer, rock icon Jimi Hendrix wrote one of his most famous songs, in front of the ruins of the Borj El-Berod watchtower on the beach south of the city of Essaouira, Morocco.

Forty-seven years after these events are said to have occurred the story is now widely known, which is why Momo Said and his band, The Shockolates, decided to take time out to visit the same ruins during their mini-tour of Morocco. Here the ancient watchtower served as a backdrop for their acoustic performance of "Castles Made of Sand", their tribute to the guitar god, who died in September, forty-five years ago.

The film is live throughout and was directed by Lorenzo Bassano. It expresses the poetry of the place and how little things have changed over the past forty-seven years, especially when sitting in front of a green tea.  
Momo Said says, "We played along with the idea that the legend surrounding the song is true. The fact that Hendrix wrote the song two years before his visit here is just a minor inconvenience".

Momo Said: lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Zoil Haloisi: Bass, Backing vocal
Zan Lock: Percussions
Phil Hype: Guitar