Love in my brain
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Momo Said  _Love in my brain

Momo Said & The Shockolates, Live at Villa Villacolle - Cesena (Italy). Acoustic Session

His songs are accompanied by an acoustic guitar, and what he tries to accomplish is to merge the rhythms and sounds of his cultural background with soul, spacing from african to amerindian sounds, with a good dose of funk beat in the veins. Born in Casablanca, Said currently lives in Italy. His debut album "Spirit" released on Sept. 2013 is a music journey which began far away, in his Africa. That land which joins, the same world part that looks west as towards it self, Morocco. This is a story of migrants, of new generations and free spirits.

Momo Said: vocal, classic guitar
Zoil Haloisi: bass, backing vocals
Zan Lock: percussions
Filippo Francesconi: acoustic guitar