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Luca Sapio  _Nobody Knows
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Live performance at Magazzini Generali, Milano Italy - November 2014

Luca Sapio is from Italy. He is the missing link between the italian sound libraries from the 70's and the classic soul blues from the 60's. Luca knows that “You can't sing the blues unless you have lived the blues” cause he is no stranger to hard times.
He spent his childhood fghting against an aggressive spinal desease that he beat. Luca also knows how much it hurts to carry the load of discomfort of being a stranger in a strange land, cause he spent part of his life in singing, working and travelling cross the countries in the old and the new world. Thanks to his talent he has collaborated with many famous artists of different genres, from jazz to rhythm and blues as Tony Scott, Eumir Deodato, David Bianco, Andrea Morricone, Don Moye, Juliette Lewis.

In winter 2014 Luca worked with his band “The Dark Shadows” guided once more by Thomas Brenneck on his new album called “Everyday is gonna be the day”.

Luca Sapio: vocals
Frank D'Agnolo: organ, piano
Christian Capiozzo: drums
Larry Guaraldi: guitars
Matteo Pezzolet: bass
Sue Sallemi: vocals, farfisa, tambourine