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Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club®  _Chan Chan
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Recorded in Milano (Italy) - July 2013 - Villa Arconati Music Festival

Buena Vista Social Club®
released its only studio album, produced by Ry Cooder, in 1997 and achieved instant success. The album, featuring a specially assembled group of veteran Cuban musicians, was further propelled by Wim Wender’s acclaimed film and later by a series of internatinal tours and albums by many of the featured musicians. Buena Vista Social Club® became a phenomenon.
The Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club’s live performances have been praised by the UK press for “Taking the atmosphere up to a breathless level” (The Independent), leaving audiences “awestruck” (Financial Times). At the forefront of the group are four musicians who will be recognized from the Buena Vista Social Club® film: trumpeter Guajiro Mirabal, Laúd virtuoso Barbarito Torres and trombonist Jesús “AguajeRamos. A younger generation of Cuban musicians is represented by such a talents as the renowned vocalist Carlos Calunga and virtuoso pianist Rolando Luna.
Joining this new and expanded lineup of Cuban players is vocalist Omara Portuondo, & vocalist - guitarist Eliades Ochoa members of the original Buena Vista Social Club®.

Eliades Ochoa: Lead Vocal and guitar
Jesús Aguaje Ramos: Trombone/Vocal/Musical Director
Güajiro Mirabal: Trumpet
Barbarito Torres: Laud
Pedro Pablo: Double Bass
Alberto La noche: Bongos
Idania Valdés: Vocals & Minor Percussion
Rolando Luna: Piano
Filiberto Sánchez: Timbales
Andres Coayo: Congas/Cajon/Minor Percussion
Carlos Calunga: Vocals
Luis Alemañy: Trumpet
Papi Oviedo: Tres