No Agreement
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Classica Orchestra Afrobeat  _No Agreement
Filmed at Ex Deposito ATR - Bus Garage, Forlì, Italy - September 2013

Classica Orchestra Afrobeat is a chamber ensemble composed of 12 italian musicians, most of whom are from the European classical tradition and boast international acclaim as soloists and ensemble players. Together with an ensemble of “cultured” instruments (woodwind, strings, harpsichord) and other captivating folk instruments such as the Italian bagpipe, the ocarina and African percussions, the orchestra expresses a unique freshness and originality.
The first album, “Shrine on you, Fela goes classical”, is a beloved hommage to Fela Anikulapo Kuti, and "No Agreement" song by Fela composed in 1977 is one of the most Africa 70’s highest caliber work within the signature Afrobeat genre.
On this video you can see something really unique specialy organized by Soundchess staff in a very amazing location. 

Alessandro Bonetti - Violin
Anna Palumbo - Clave, Dundun
Cristiano Buffolino - Congas, Djembe
Cristina Adamo - Flute
Elide Melchioni - Bassoon
Francesco Giampaoli - Double Bass
Marco Zanotti - Drums and Direction
Rosita Ippolito - Viola
Silvia Turtura - Oboe
Tim Trevor Briscoe - Clarinet
Valeria Montanari - Harpsichord
Valeria Nasci - Sheker