No Space No Time
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United Vibrations  _No Space No Time
Recorded in June 2012 - Artisti in Piazza - Pennabilli (RN) Italy

“Born from Inner Space, we are on a journey of cosmic proportions. Music is our vessel. A sound forged from diversity. We are united in voice and rhythm”.

United Vibrations was born in 2004. Bringing together a group of musicians with the aim of bringing the LIVE element back to “Urban” and “Black” music, something that would bring a fresh take on the British music paradigm. Big beats and intoxicating grooves are the hallmark of this truly unique rhythm section together with an authentic, uplifting sound of a wicked Brass section. The synthesis of Afro-beat, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Rock, Funk, Punk and just about all modern dance music is made possible by the sheer audacity, imagination and natural flow of this band.
Yussef Dayes: Drums
Kareem Dayes: Bass & Vox
Wayne Francis: Sax & Vox
Ahmad Dayes: Trombone & Vox