Meadow Sunlight in the Swinging Fields
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Nicole Mitchell Black Earth Ensemble  _Meadow Sunlight in the Swinging Fields
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Live at Teatro Manzoni - December 2012 Milano
Thanks to all musicians, Ludmilla Faccenda Art&Network, Marco Ferullo - Aperitivo in Concerto

Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble (BEE) is a musical celebration of the African American cultural legacy. Founded and directed in 1998 by creative flutist/composer Nicole Mitchell. BEE’s music embraces the ancient past and paints visions of a positive future. The music is the weaving of swing, blues, avante garde jazz, bebop, African rhythms, Eastern modes and Western classical sounds. The name “Black Earth” was chosen to honor the feminine source that our lives depend on—Mother Earth. The purpose of Black Earth Ensemble is to inspire the human spirit with thought-provoking beauty and to present a positive, healthy and culturally aware image of African Americans. As a woman-directed, co-ed, multi-generational group, it touches a range of emotional spaces rarely expressed in a “jazz” setting.  Black Earth's message is intended for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Nicole Mitchell: flute, vocal
Mankwe Ndosi: vocal
Ballaké Sissoko: kora
Tomeka Reid: cello
Silvia Bolognesi: contrabass
Jason Palmer: Trumpet
Pasquale Mirra: Vibraphone
Hamid Drake: Drum, percussion