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Live Performance at Foro Annonario (European Music Week) June 2012 - Senigallia, Italy

Having been long established (nearly ten years) not just locally, but worldwide, with an amazing cult following in Japan, the band have launched in the 2011 their seventh long-player Time To Testify, released through Milan-based label Record Kicks, and Genki Brothers in Japan. Soundchess meets them during their 2012 tour in Italy organized by Exotique so if you’re a funk fan you’ll dig this extended slice of rare groove. Guaranteed. Whether you’ll love it depends on your where you like your funk to be at. One thing is certain, as players The Baker Brothers are one class act, tight enough to make you squeal and pure masters of their art.

Chris Pedley - Bass, Guitar and Vocals
Paul Young - Tenor Saxophone
Geoff Lai - Guitar
Ted Carrasco - Drums and Vocals
Scott cottyBayliss - Trumpet and Keyboards