Spanish Town
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Banda Olifante  _Spanish Town
Live performance in a private space, Cesena Italy - May 2012

Characterised by a substantial winds and percussion section, Banda Olifante's line-up comprises a core of 12 players supplemented by a pool of permanent collaborators and special guests who take turns in live shows and studio sessions. Led by Stefano Bertozzi and Massimo Eusebio, the band offering a repertoire influenced by the best popular band tradition, yet mindful of sound experiments ranging from improvisation to western cultured composition, from klezmer to afro-funk.
An authentic fusion brass band expressing a warm homage to the brass universe; a tribute to popular band music characterised by intricate yet ever transparent polyphonies, articulated through infectious rhythms of transnational branding.

Stefano Bertozzi: alto sax, arghul
Emiliano Rodriguez: soprano sax
Samanta Balzani: tenor sax
Serena Santificetur: bass clarinet
Massimo Semprini: baritone sax
Luigi Faggi: trumpet, electronic processing
Antonio Coatti: trombone
Massimo Eusebio: darabuka, congas, bongos
Giacomo Depaoli: drum set
Ivan Macrelli: dum dum
Roberto Gazzani: double bass