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Recorded in June 2012 - Artisti in Piazza - Pennabilli (RN) Italy

Molotov Jukebox are a six-piece, genre dodging, leviathan of an experience, poised to take the world by storm. Incorporating trumpet, accordion, violin and the sultry tones of lead singer Natalia Tena well know in her acting career in the Harry Potter film series.
Here is a band with almost universal appeal. Innovatively blending such diverse style's as gypsy, samba, ska, dubstep, swing and anything else you care to mention, all in their own inimitable style, the unique sound of this band has been christened "Gyp-Step" and is guaranteed to make everybody dance.

Natalia Tena: Lead Vocals/Accordion
Sam Apley: Vocals/Violin
Adam Burke: Guitar
Tom Wilson: Bass
Max Burnett-Wain: Drums
Angus Moncrieff: Trumpet