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Faela!  _Reina del Mar
Recorded in June 2012 - Artisti in Piazza - Pennabilli (RN) Italy

Faela! is short for Rafaela, one of Hugo’s beloved aunts who, although no longer physically present among us, left a mark so strong and deep in the life of everyone who met her.
Eight musicians from Argentina, Bosnia, Chile and Sweden create their own, original sound through an explosive mix of styles.
The unique combination of the members´ personalities is reflected in Faela´s music and performances. Latin flirts with Balkan, and with the help of jazz, reggae and disco Faela goes straight into the audience's hearts. The band has made a big impression on the music scene since their formation in 2007 and the growing crowd of fans around the world proves that Faela is irresistible.

Hugo Coronel: Lead vocals, guitar, percussion and trombone
Michael Miño: Vocals, bass guitar, percussion
Mika Forsling: Guitar
Erik Rask: Drums
Göran Abelli: Trombone
Edin Bahtijaragic: Accordion