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Dudu Manhenga  _Inspired by nature
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Live concert at the Bravo Caffè, Italy - April 2012

Dudu Manhenga is a dynamic young Zimbabwean singer/ songwriter who leads and fronts the group ‘Color Blu’. Her style is influenced by great African and jazz singers, and the dignity of her delivery is a credit to her and to her country, wherever she goes.
Her music has been accurately described as ‘an afro jazz adventure’ - a fusion of genres: afro, contemporary, Zimbabwe traditional, township, jazz, afro, Latino, and a cultural cross-breed of Zimbabwe’s Manica, Mashona and Matabele rhythms and melodies, with energetic stage work, and sizzling vocals.

Dudu Manhenga - vocal
Nicholas Nare - key boards
Reason Cheteni - bass
Thamsanqa Bimha - drum
Othnell Moyo - percussions