Artists Soundchess works directly with international artists, bands, labels and managements.
On our channel we give the possibility of showing your video professionally, gaining visibility and promoting it through social networks such as Youtube and Facebook. In addition to this Soundchess gives artists the possibility to publish videos exclusively on their website for promotional purposes through the associated video embed code. Contact us for more information.
Clubs Soundchess works closely with clubs, restaurants, bars that offer live music.
We are interested in your event schedule and offer ourselves as staff to shoot one or more videos during live performances.
Most of the videos that are currently on our channel were made and produced by our staff, we created a technical team for the occasion and an art team to meet all needs.
Videomakers Soundchess works closely with video makers and operators. If you are self employed and would like to join our staff or if you are already part of a team that makes live music videos in Italy we suggest you try to channel energies towards a single direction. Currently the Soundchess staff is working in the Italian territory, for those who live abroad and are already part of a team that makes live music videos and want to be part of a partnership please contact us for more information.   Contact