About Soundchess is a video production team, based in Italy, dedicated exclusively to the celebration of live music. It is a synergy of forces (record producers, sound engineers, directors and operators, designers, graphic designers, web programmers) that somehow have always revolved around the entertainment world. Project The project started in 2010 with the intent to design a modern platform on the web, a "chessboard" in fact where the various performances of the artists could intersect, in different contexts. We live in a historical moment in which, unfortunately, the music industry is affected by large drops in investment at the expense of quality. As this lack of quality is often overlooked or, even worse, mystified, we think it necessary to divulge this side of music in which the artist expresses his own true qualities without tricks. On our channel you can really see the live, therefore real, element of artists and bands, from the true professional performance on stage to more friendly and confidential moments such as unplugged acts from the living room. The various performances are divided in the following types and sections: ACTION By cooperating with the musicians, the Soundchess staff finds a suitable location for them, creating the sets and setting up the equipment to record high quality video and audio. ON STAGE Artist performances in clubs, or on large outdoor stages during summer music festivals. The interaction with the audience and the characteristics of the places where the concerts take place, give more authenticity and uniqueness to the videos. BACKSTRANGE A friendly and confidential moment through spontaneous and sometimes a little outside of the box performances. An unusual space, where the artist expresses himself freely using acoustic or haphazard instruments. Lifts, trucks, henhouses, elevators, greenhouses, mills, small gardens, basements, are some of the favorite locations for this type of section. This space also collects all the videos concerning the preparation and mounting of the sets. Production All videos that are currently on our channel were made and produced by our staff, we created a technical team for the occasion and an art team to meet all needs.   Powered by Tam Tam Studio Gianni Rossi Lorenzo Bassano dott. Mauro Gravili