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Way out there
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Lewis Floyd Henry  _Way out there
Live performance in a private space, Cesena Italy - February 2012

The incomparable Lewis Floyd Henry is just such a dude. He has a battery-operated amplifier beside him, a guitar in his lap and plays a tiny drum kit with his feet. He sounds like a one-man band version of the Jimi Hendrix Experience (he has idolised Hendrix since being told by his father, who built reggae soundsystems, to check out "the greatest guitarist that ever lived"), or a psychedelic Robert Johnson with off-kilter hip-hop grooves. His guerrilla appearances around London have made him a YouTube phenomenon, with more than 100,000 hits for a mixture of self-penned material and covers.

During the last tour organized by Exotique he arrived in Italy and we decided to invite him to be part in our project, and to shooting a live video in a old mill in Cesena.