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My little suede shoes
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Antonello Sorrentino  _My little suede shoes
Recorded on August 2013 at Torre Paola San Felice Circeo - Italy during the Exotique Festival.

Being mainstream and contemporary are the two pivots around which Antonello Sorrentino moves. Attention to the roots of jazz, respect for the teachers from the sixties onwards and the intention to express this through personal vision. You can hear the hard-bop feel, especially in the solos, a strong modal boost, you can hear the love and passion for the atmosphere and the sound settings of the records that have marked the history and aesthetics of jazz.
With a beautiful sunset over the sea, the trio presents a passage of Charlie Parker "My little suede shoes".

Antonello Sorrentino: Tumpet
Riccardo Gola: Double-bass
Enrico Morello: Drum