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Last Laugh
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Derriere  _Last Laugh
Recorded in San Felice Circeo (Italy) - August 2013 - Exotique Music Festival 2013

Conceived late one night in Brighton’s ever-pregnant musical underbelly in 2009, Derriere deliver their own screaming and unapologetic sound, a lovechild of their influences: early RnB, real rock n roll and raw soul.

With a voice to equal any of the heroines of blues and soul, fireball frontwoman Sarah Tonin can knock her peers and contemporaries into a cocked hat with two lungfuls of white hot molten soul and sass. In the sharp company of wailing blues guitar, hot horns, good rockin’ drums and deep double bass, stirring, powerful and exposed, she will strip you naked, box you soundly about the ears, then throw you back out on the street where you belong!

The band recently recorded their brand new single LAST LAUGH (out August 2013). Soundchess has the pleasure to present an unique version of the song especially created for our live set.

Simon Hill: bass
Toby Sendall: electric guitar
Andy Cato: drums
Helleanor Fitt: sax
Sarah Tonin: voice