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There's nothing like this
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Omar  _There's nothing like this
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Live concert at the Bravo Caffè, Italy - April 2012
Omar Lye-Fook and known as Omar, is an internationally acclaimed British soul singer, songwriter and musician. ‘There’s nothing like this’ is his first hit at the age of 22, with this Omar earned his name as the founder of nu-classic soul.
Over the past 13 years he’s been cited as a major influence by the likes of D'AngeloMaxwellJill Scott, Erykah Badu, India Arie and even Stevie Wonder. Omar follows his own star, no-one can exactly describe his music – jazz, funk, R & B, soul, disco, latin perfectly mixed with classic orchestral sounds.
Omar - vocals
Quentin Collins - trumpet
Brandon Allen - sax
Ross Stanley - hammond
Joe Pisto - guitar
Enzo Zirilli - drums